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Where's the love peoples?? Let's give Oddium Wanderus some love today! It's been three five* years since the last post and I'm sure that some of you have some sort of Oddish icons or pictures you'd like to share! Let's see them in new posts!

Also, some tags might be good, too ;) Like "newbie", "image: icon", "image: fanart", "game: red", "game: ruby", etc :D

My story for Oddish_Lovers is that I became obsessed with them (kind of) after I made a silly Oddish character. Quirky natured doesn't come close to describing ;) It's kind of like Ed, from Cowboy Bebop... You are never really sure what gender it is. It's just... Ed. No other way to describe Ed. Ed's gender is Ed.

I've also got an RP twitter for... it... here!

I do need to update it, but... oh well.

* Yeah, I can't math >_>
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